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The Water Nanodrop



A hundred water molecules sit inside a spherical polyoxomolybdate cluster {(Mo)Mo5}12(Mo2 spacer)30 [417]. The structure of the contained nanodrop may be modulated by changes in the surrounding molybdenum-based cluster [547]. The water molecules are held by ice-like hydrogen-bonding with the attractive bond energies, between the thirty hydrogen bonds in the inner dodecahedron, the fifty hydrogen bonds in the inner two shells, and all the hydrogen bonds in the outer shell of sixty water molecules calculated to be 23.3 kJ ˣ mol−1, 29.7 kJ ˣ mol−1 and 28.9 kJ ˣ mol−1 respectively [547]. The stability of the (H2O)100 nanodrop cluster has been confirmed from quantum-chemical computations [1627].


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