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Greek letters and symbols used in this Website

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Greek Capital Small Use in this web-site
Alpha Α  


alpha   α

Thermal expansivity (K−1)

Thermal diffusivity (m2 ˣ s−1)

Polarizability (F ˣ m2)

Evaporation coefficient

Beta Β    
beta   β Compressibility (Pa −1 )
Gamma Γ  

Surface excess of component (mol ˣ m−2)

The Grüneisen parameter

gamma   γ

Surface tension (N ˣ m−1)

Heat capacity ratio

1H gyromagnetic ratio

Delta Δ  

'the change between the start and end states'

Diffusion time (s)

Thickness (m)

delta   δ 'a small change in'
Epsilon Ε    
epsilon   ε

Dielectric permittivity (C2 ˣ J−1 ˣ m−1 )


Zeta Ζ    
zeta   ζ Zeta potential (V)
Eta Η    
eta   η

Dynamic viscosity (Pa ˣ s )

Refractive index

Theta Θ  

Quadrupole (C ˣ m2)

Temperature, dimension

theta   θ

Angle (°)

Contact angle (°)

Temperature (K)

Iota Ι    
iota   ι A type of gelling carrageenan
Kappa Κ  


kappa   κ

Electrolytic conductivity (S ˣ m−1)

Thermal conductivity (W ˣ m−1 ˣ K−1)

κ−1 is the Debye length

A type of gelling carrageenan

Lambda Λ  


lambda   λ

Specific conductivity (S ˣ m2 ˣ mol−1)

Wavelength (m)

A type of gelling carrageenan

Mu Μ  


mu   μ

Field strength (V ˣ m−1), micro- (10−6), Permeability (N ˣ A−2)

Chemical potential (J ˣ mol−1 )

Dipole moment (C ˣ m)

Nu Ν    
nu   ν

Frequency (Hz)

Kinematic viscosity (m2 ˣ s−1)

Xi Ξ    
xi   ξ Hydrodynamic radius (m)
Omicron Ο ο  
Pi Π  

Osmotic pressure (Pa)

Product sign

pi   π

The irrational number, 3.141 592 653 589 793 . . . .


Rho Ρ    
rho   ρ

Mass density (kg ˣ m−3)

Resistivity (Ω ˣ m)

Sigma Σ   Summation of
sigma   σ

Electrical conductivity (S ˣ m−1)

Standard deviation

Chemical shift

Osmotic reflection coefficient

Surface charge density (C ˣ m−2)

Stefan-Boltzmann constant (W ˣ m−2 ˣ K−4)

Tau Τ    
tau   τ

Relaxation time (s)


Upsilon Υ    
upsilon   υ  
Phi Φ  


phi   φ

Molecular force constants

Polysaccharide torsion angle H1C1OC4 or H1C1OC6

Concentration (kg ˣ m−3)

Osmotic coefficient

Fugacity coefficient

The golden ratio

Chi Χ    
chi   χ


Magnetic susceptibility

Psi Ψ  

Ellipsometric parameter

Osmotic potential

psi   ψ

Polysaccharide torsion angle C1OC4H4 or C1OC6C5

Omega Ω  


Octupole (C ˣ m3)

probability-related number of configurations

omega   ω

Angular velocity (rad ˣ s−1)

Polysaccharide torsion angle OC6C5H5

Acentric factor



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