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Book Review by Martin Chaplin

Handbook of Refractive Index and Dispersion of Water for Scientists and Engineers

Gorachand Ghosh (Sujata Ghosh, 19 Abingdon Street, Woolloongabba, Brisbane, QLD-4102, Australia. 2005) ISBN 0-9756949 0 1 viii + 150 pp, USA $ 90


This volume examines the refractive index (n) of water, the first, second, and third order dispersions (i.e., dn/dλ, d2n/dλ2 and d3n/dλ3), and the thermo-optic (dn/dT) and pressure-optic (dn/dP) coefficients of water from the UV to the near IR. The style of the book is that of a linked series of scientific publications. The theme throughout is to produce equations showing good compliance to the experimental data and based upon a solid, if novel, theory, previously developed and published by the author. The presented equations are compared with other published empirical equations and their fit with experimental data is shown by using a number of data tables. Although it is clear that these equations are still somewhat empirical, they should prove more valuable than the purely empirical equations that they are proposed to replace. After a very brief introductory Chapter, there are Chapters concerned with variation with wavelength of the refractive index, the dispersions and the thermo-optic and pressure-optic coefficients of pure water. Chapter 6 extends all these discussions to salt solutions. The final brief Chapter extends the application of the equations to 3-methylpentane.


The level is advanced post-graduate/reference with the target audience technologists concerned with the device fabrication using these optical parameters. It requires some prior understanding of optical physics.

of water-related books for review are welcomed.



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